About us

Galaxy Vacations, Inc. began operations in February 01, 1976 in the lower lobby of the St. Moritz Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. At that time, tour companies offered services on a need basis, which travel agents and wholesalers would be charged depending on the amount of customers and the type of transportation needed. If the groups were to diminish for any reason, the cost of operation would increase. Galaxy Vacations, Inc. began the first daily operation from Miami to Orlando back to MIAMI, where all travel agents and wholesalers would be able to “purchase a tour with a guaranteed price, and the risk of selling the seats would be Galaxy Vacation, Inc.'s alone”. Our company was also the first tour operator with its own buses and minibuses, which back then, no other tour company had.


During the late 80s we began operations from Scandinavia and Europe bringing about 750,000 customers per year for the following 3 years. In that same time period, our company grew its fleet of buses to 63. In the 1990s, we split the company into several divisions, leaving the bus transportation and taxi cab divisions separate from the tour operation. Galaxy Vacations, Inc. decided to focus more on its core competency: catering to customers from Latin America.


We began operating our own charter flights in the mid 90s from primarily Central America and Venezuela. At the present time, we operate within the Orlando area about 50 to 60 charter flights per year, with a capacity of 172 passengers per flight, one of our core operations.


We also operate daily departures from Miami to Orlando, and are presently increasing our business greatly to the Northeast and West Coast of the United States, all with complete inclusive packages.


Galaxy Vacations Inc. has over 35 years in the tourism industry, operating and owning offices in 12 countries, and selling its services to over 20 countries.


Within the last 2 years, our company has been increasing about 33% annually in revenue sales, an increase that we expect will continue, which has forced us to have our own product department dedicated to contract new hotels and negotiate on our behalf in order to keep our services more desirable.


Galaxy Vacations, Inc. specializes in leisure travel. About 80% of our business is leisure with a complete inclusive package, 15% convention/incentive and sports events (this division is growing more than any other division, especially now that we will be operating several world soccer events in DISNEY, where Galaxy became the largest selling partner for the Disney cup 2013, and now the DISNEY MARATHONS in 2014), about 5% hotels or admission tickets without a complete inclusive package.


We believe that by having great partners, we can achieve great success, our biggest partners are companies like WALT DISNEY PARKS & RESORTS LLC (the oldest select tour operator), DISNEY CRUISE LINE (We are one of their largest wholesalers), UNIVERSAL ORLANDO, SEA WORLD parks & resorts, and many hotels, which have seen our compliance in the way we operate, in the we pay our bills on a timely basis, and in the way we have respected their policies.


Our new expansions include, the new agreement with several CREDIT CARD processing companies representing AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER to accept their points, plus getting our own VISA-GALAXY VACATIONS –premier card with our own points to be gained on purchases. This is a new project done with CREDOMATIC, which is the largest credit card representative in Central America. We will be offering fix payments to our customers at no interest. We are also expanding our flights to include operations from CENTRAL AMERICA to MEXICO, as well as from Ecuador to Orlando and Miami.


It is our intend to always look for new partners and to improve relations with our present ones, looking for new ways to create interest in our products, expanding and selling more incoming services into ARGENTINA, as well as giving this country new products, increased promotion throughout COLOMBIA, VENEZUELA, BRASIL and ECUADOR, as well as to continue with our ADEVIH fam trip seminar, which has been the only means in which travel agents visit FLORIDA, we are hoping to extend this seminar to other STATES.


We hope you can join our partner list and offer us the best posible conditions to continue our success in these markets.